Second Floor Construction – Jan 18, 2023

This week the contractor and his crew are framing the second floor for the next concrete pour. This one is a little different as it will have the second floor balcony/loggia. The balcony will be a few inches lower to keep water from moving back towards the interior living area. The contractor has his crew creating the rebar “cages”. Those will be used for the horizontal concrete beams and the vertical concrete columns.     I need to talk to…

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Bad framing

The Second Floor Structure – Jan 5, 2023

Now that the first floor is up, and the concrete has cured enough, the contractor is putting up the temporary supports for the second floor. I am unsure when the second floor will be poured, but it will be soon (I hope!) The method to support the forms for the second floor are wood 4″x4″s, two are attached to a metal connector. The metal connector is used to lock the 4″x4″s together. The workers can place one on the floor…

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