About Our House In The Keys

About Marty

I am a licensed landscape architect and an urban planner who practiced in California over the last 35 years. My wife, who came to the Keys for over 20 years with her family, has always been in love with the Keys. We have decided to move there to enjoy the Keys lifestyle.

The Challenge

We have never done this before, but it’s on my bucket list!

Why you may ask!

My wife has been coming to the Florida Keys since the 1970’s. She has always loved it. I never wanted to visit Florida, ever! My friend finally convinced me to go, sometime in the 1980’s; I can’t exactly remember (I must have had a good time!) After meeting my wife and enjoying the Keys almost every winter, we decided to live there.

About The Project

The Property

A 7,000 square foot dry lot 10 minutes from Sombrero Beach in Marathon, Florida (the Florida Keys).

The Goal

To build a sustainable, energy-efficient, hurricane resistant home, capturing the ocean views from the property, within our moderate budget.