Since we had many years to go, things went on the back burner, until now.  I have been collecting information, construction details and ideas as the years went on. As we get closer towards changing our lives, get enough points to build, and become empty-nesters, we pick up our story.

Over a year ago I compile a list of engineers, architects and contractors. I have begun the process of speaking to architects, engineers and contractors. I have limited experience speaking with these groups and I am unsure how to judge the quality of potential consultants. With the list I wrote a letter to architects stating the type of construction I wanted. I must admit the response was underwhelming. Some did not agree with having a concrete roof and some (I think) did not like how advanced my design concept went. Some may have thought they would end up completing my design and would not let them have much input. I did not feel secure in some that just said yes to my design concept. I could not determine if they would be critical and constructive to the design weaknesses.

An architect needs to make sure that the design objectives are met and the design program works properly. In January 2016, we went to Marathon to meet architects. We had plenty of time, it rained every single day. Although all of the architects who agreed to meet us were competent, I did not feel any connection with them. No one seemed to express criticism of the design (we need that) and one wanted to start over (I was not prepared for that). Am I too in love with my own ideas? Should I be? Should I accept changes to the concept? I don’t know yet.