After much round and round we have refined our needs and hopefully be within budget. The original idea *sigh* was way to big and expensive for us to accomplish. So now to our refined plan.

The least expensive design is a square house with a hip roof. We worked with the rooms and room sizes we could live with and worked our way outward. We were able, with many design iterations, to come to a design that will give us what we feel we need, what we will use, and what we can afford. We settled on a footprint of 36 feet by 36 feet square. The total square footage of the house will be 2,592 square feet.

The house covers only 22% of the property which is a low percent and we will have plenty of room for a boat and the required swale. The swale will be an area that will collect water on site and allow for water percolation, rather than more storm run off on to the street.

We are going with the ICF form walls and floors and a concrete roof, for safety.

The ground floor will have a 3 car carport (one enclosed as a garage) and an entry, stairs to the main living space, elevator shaft, bathroom, and a storage/work space.

First-ground Floor Enlarged

First-ground Floor

The second floor will have two bedrooms, two baths, an office, a utility room (laundry and mechanical) and an area for the stairs and elevator shaft.

Second Floor Enlarged

Second Floor

The third floor will have the kitchen, dining area, living room, 1/2 bath, and the outdoor loggia with a BBQ area.

Third Floor

Third Floor

The next step is a last look at the concept, make any changes, define materials, finishes and fixtures and work with contractors to get a preliminary construction bid to see if we really are in the financial ballpark.

The next post will show the proposed elevation of this design concept.