Well, everyone is probably bored about foundations!

The next step was the perimeter walls and the free standing columns. As we were preparing for the construction of the perimeter walls, I had ideas for making some changes in the field.

Due to the City of Marathon’s illegal granting of building rights to the biggest developer in Marathon the state of Florida has stepped in to “review and comment” on all construction permits and changes to existing permits. All of the drawings were done months ago but trying to get the contractor to submit them was something else. The system is set up so that the contractor (not the owner) has the ability to submit online for changes. There was no incentive for the contractor to submit for the changes as it would delay the project because the state would review the changes.

I wanted to add door to the side of the building where the lot is flat. After months of waiting on significant progress, the contractor, for his benefit had all the walls but up in two days. After that, all of the changes will not be done until after I get my Certificate of Occupancy. That will probably a new contract!

As the walls went up I could see design changes I would have made. Alas, since they are structural, it’s way too late to make those changes! The entry area will be small and only functional.

I wanted to put an additional electrical box in a column to be poured. I bought and installed ridged conduit and box where I wanted. After the pour, I found the box at the face of the column. Unfortunately when the contractor finished the framing for the column, they broke both the conduit above and below the box. As it is now, in 4000psi concrete, the whole exercise was a waste of time and money!

Column conduit

Column conduit

I later saw the electrical contractor use flexible tubing for his work, now I know why! Oh well, I’ll add an exterior electrical box to an outside wall…

With the walls up, I can see the spaces we are creating on the ground floor. The garage spaces look good for our small cars, the storage area is an OK size for storing things (my tools, etc.) The entry area and stairwell is smaller than I thought it would be. It will cause some problems…

Getting furniture, appliances, and other large things will be a challenge. But in the Keys there are ways to do things!