Stucco and Paint

Stucco and Paint

Well it’s been a difficult few months. The contractor has NOT picked up the pace, at all! So I’ve been reluctant to sit here and write about nothing happening. If I know then, what I know now, I’d choose differently, that’s for sure.

In the interim I’ve been ordering things for the house, such as who will I sub out work to. I’m doing it because the contractor is so slow and is not to be moved! Too much other work down here I think.

So I have picked out and purchased the garage door, interior doors, front door, railings, interior and balcony tiles. I will be working on cabinet and appliance decisions soon.

The contractor has moved on the interior insulation with 3 pound closed foam insulation for additional insulation. Most closed foam is 2 pound but I wanted an addition R rating for the walls. The 3 pound closed cell foam is what they use in industrial refrigerators.

Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation

The studs have been installed as well as the rough electrical, plumbing and mechanical work. Now we found out that the contractor did not know the process to submit changes to the City of Marathon. So now we are waiting for the designer to finish the plan changes and then submit the plans to the City of Marathon. I can’t imagine how long that will take!

I did go ahead and have the stucco installed and have the painting done as well. I wanted a terra cotta color but in this environment the color density would absorb more heat. We don’t need that!




Interior Tile terra cotta style

Interior Tile

Balcony Tile old wood like

Balcony Tile