In an area of extreme weather can we afford failure? High impact windows and doors are mandatory per code. Good idea! What quality? Most have a 20 year warranty. What happens if the company declares bankruptcy every five years and the warranty is void? It happened to us!

I looked online for high quality impact resistant windows. Some got very poor ratings for door handles and metal fasteners. How do you balance cost vs. quality vs. survivability?  Do you know about windows with low iron content in the glass, tinting, shades built within the glass panels, double or triple pane windows, how they should open and close, do they have a dissicant in the window frame to reduce moisture in the frame? What should the frame be made of to withstand salt and high humidity? Wood, aluminum or plastic (what quality?), something else? How do you screen out a tropical sun without giving up too much of the view?  I don’t know!

Do we choose a wood door that may warp, or be very expensive or a manufactured door that is well insulated and resistant to tropical weather, storms, and may survive flooding? Should the door have upper and lower latches for survivability?

Should glass patio doors be sliding or have accordion opening, screened or not screened? Are the issues the same for patio doors as for windows? Some great companies got very poor ratings for door handles and metal fasteners.

Precast Window Lintel

Precast Window Lintel

Do we use precast lintel and sills for windows, it gives it a nice detail?

Window frames of metal or plastic? Not wood framed!

For precast (sills and lintels) concrete (not foam), paint with “blue glue” so stucco holds, is this needed? Do they have steel in them as support?

Wood bucks for doors and windows, are there non-wood bucks? How are they sealed against wind-blown rain? Caulk first with polyurethane all edges inside and outside.

Should doors be wood, plastic or steel. Consider the climate. Doors swing outward, to prevent hurricanes from blowing them in.

Too may questions and no answers, yet!